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Skills Retention – The Baby Boomer Crisis

For the next twenty years, an average of 10,000 people each day will reach age 65. Creating a nightmare for HR professional for skills retention.

Skills Management

Training Needs Analysis - The Why and How

Training needs analysis can be defined as the matching of the businesses' strategic needs, to the skills of its employees.

Skills Management

Skills Audit (3/3): Analyzing Your Audit

In the third installment of this series I will go into the reporting analytics and output you should strive to achieve during a skills audit.

Skills Management

Conducting a Skills Audit

Skills audits aren't hard to implement, but they require forethought & planning. Learn how to conduct a skills audit without preparation in 2/3 of...

Skills Management

Skills Management - Best Practices

Skills management is the difference between an efficient company and a floundering one. Align your employees interests with your companies needs for...

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