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Performance Review Competencies - How to Integrate Competency Models

The values and behaviors integral for an employee to do a job effectively are driven by performance review competencies.


Competency-Based Performance reviews, is an effective technique for assessing an employee’s work. It gauges your employee’s actions in a given duration, helping him or her in achieving, or missing their targets and objectives.

Performance Reviews. Time to Get Them Done?

Performance Review Competencies, gives you the tools you need to create accurate, timely, and well-written reviews. Take a look at what goes into them…⁣

What are Performance Review Competencies?

Performance competencies are the values, as well as behaviours integral for an employee to do a job effectively. Competency models created for an employee job role is a practical guide for employees, so they know what is expected of them. Thus, defining what good looks like for the employee.

Making a performance review much more objective. Furthermore, an employees competency model should be acting as basic standard for assessing current employees’ performance.

Defining Competencies for Your Company

Every organization may have four types of performance review competencies.

  • Core Competency
  • Leadership Competency
  • Technical Competency
  • General Competency

These are the behaviours that help each individual employee in effectively fulfilling his job duties and responsibilities.


Using Competencies as Performance Review

Once you have aligned your organizational and role-specific competencies with each job title, you can use them as criteria to measure an employee’s performance in a given period.

Basically, the key is to establish and execute a competency-based performance review for each employee.

Benefits of Evaluating Performance Competencies

  • When hiring your core competencies can help you select the best choice to align new employees with your company goals.
  • It is important to tell your employees, which “core competencies” they must meet and what you expect from them.
  • The evaluation of competencies during a review, helps ensure constructive objective reviews, as well as feedback for the employee.

Final thoughts

Last, by evaluating you competencies regularly, the companies demonstrate their concern towards helping employees grow.

In turn, competency models also focus on achieving company goals and objectives through effective employee engagement in the workplace.

Last, a competency driven review process will increase the productivity of your employees by allowing them to know what good looks like in their current position.

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