Skills Matrix

SkillsDB dynamically generates a visually intuitive skills matrix highlighting gaps and strengths across your team.  

A skills matrix is a table that clearly shows the skills held by individuals in a team, and the associated gaps. It is one of the simplest, but most effective tools available to assess training needs and overall strengths and weaknesses. Skills matrices are easily reviewed and updated, and present the overall skills of team members in a single chart.

Skills matrices help:
• Review the skills and competences required for roles within the team
• Assess training needs
• Identify skills gaps with the team
• Build commitment to the development of new skills

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Tie in with SkillsDB to maximize your organizational talent


Align the organization with its employees to do the best work


Ensure the right people are in the right roles, with measured performance and growth


Offer employee development plans with skills gap analysis and recommended learnings to aid career development


Report organizational team strengths and weaknesses to management with structured regularity


Drive recruiting, hiring and succession planning with deep people data


Manage talent proactively so the team can focus on its critical day-to-day responsibilities


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