Skills Tracking & Competency Management Tools

SkillsDB brings together product expertise, customer empathy and a long understanding of how to best optimize for employee success.

Optimize your workforce with a comprehensive and affordable SaaS platform that lets you manage and track employee skills and job requirements. SkillsDB is the only skills tracking and competency management platform designed to elevate employee success.

SkillsDB enables the organization and management of all employee skills accurately, thoroughly and efficiently. Whether your organization is 100 employees or more than 100,000, SkillsDB is the best platform to bring together everything needed for efficient employee operations.

Being a web-based competency management tool, SkillsDB bring skills tracking and competency management core of your PeopleOps. It is ideal for corporate, government, and academic organizations. By implementing SkillsDB competency management system software, we help provide organizations with an adaptable, affordable, and flexible solution.


Here are a few key concepts with SkillsDB:

  • Easily and quickly deployed, whether to a small team or an entire multi-national organization
  • Comprehensive skills tracking and competency management 
  • Proactive skill gap analysis
  • Enterprise-class security, MFA or SSO, and granular org chart user controls
  • Compelling built-in skills audit tools
  • Incredible data analytics functionality for granular review or high-level reporting
  • Greater transparency regarding job roles and actual skills
  • Captures organizational intelligence
  • Easy-to-use with tremendous features
  • Improves employee performance, helps to ensure the right people are in the right roles
  • Promotes positive interaction, mentoring and coaching

Why SkillsDB?

Skills tracking platforms answer critical questions about your people and their skills. Failing to answer these questions, puts you at risk. SkillsDB has been helping companies large and small since 2008, and our platform is the only one to consider to elevate employee success.


  • Do we have the skills we need to achieve our goals?
  • Are we clearly differentiated from our competitors?
  • Are we building skill-based teams or defaulting to availability as well as relationships?
  • How do we track and manage business competence?
  • Can we move from paper and spreadsheets to a platform to manage compliance and audits?


  • Do we have the skills we need to deliver project goals?
  • How to I maximize our team effort?
  • Do we know how our team skills complement each other?
  • What projects can we take on with the skills available?
  • Where to I find experts to bring to the team to ensure success?


  • How do I demonstrate my skills?
  • What additional skills do I need and how to I progress in my career?
  • How do I get on projects that will have an impact?
  • What gaps do I have with my skillset?
  • Can I connect my performance with coaching and mentoring?

Tie in with SkillsDB to maximize your organizational talent


Align the organization with its employees to do the best work


Ensure the right people are in the right roles, with measured performance and growth


Offer employee development plans with skills gap analysis and recommended learnings to aid career development


Report organizational team strengths and weaknesses to management with structured regularity


Drive recruiting, hiring and succession planning with deep people data


Manage talent proactively so the team can focus on its critical day-to-day responsibilities


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