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Feature Upgrade: Skills Lists Can Now Be Imported

We are very excited to inform you that a new module is now live and can be used to get your company’s skills lists into the system.


We’ve been working hard for a while now to produce features that are aimed at making your job a lot easier. Late last month, we completed the skills import module and have tested it rigorously since then. We are thus very excited to inform you that this module is now live and can be used to get your company’s skills into the system.


Before this upgrade, you had to manually create new categories and skills in the system. Although we have a skills library which you can choose from, this library cannot contain all possible skills across all fields, so you likely had to create a number of skills manually.

But not anymore!

Using the skills import feature, you can easily import your company’s complete skills list from a CSV document in one go. The process for importing skills is quite similar to the “people import” process, and here’s how it works. 

How To Import Skills Into The System

1. Go to Admin > Skills Setup > Skills Import
Skills Lists


2. Under “Import Skills & Categories”, click on the second link to download the CSV document, and then click on the first link to open a PDF guide containing import instructions.
Skills Lists


3. Following the instructions in the PDF guide, populate the CSV document with the list of skills and qualifications you want to import.
Skills Lists


4. Come back to the import page (Admin > Skills Setup > Skills Import), and click Launch Import.
Launch Import link


5. Set the import type to “Skills”, click on “Choose File” and select the populated CSV document, and click Import.
Import skills
The result should be as shown in the picture below.

Import Skills Report
So whether your list contains 1,000 skills and qualifications, they are all created in the system in one hassle free import process.

We hope this update helps save your time and make your job easier. If you have any questions or suggestions about this or any other feature, please contact us about it; we would love to hear from you. 

By: Mesheal Fegor
Sales & Support

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