Competency Framework and Job Role Building Tool

The common denominator to a successful rollout of SkillsDB, or any skills and talent management system for that matter, is building out the core competency framework. Without this, most projects will fail.

Our competency framework and onboarding experts, in conjunction with the SkillsDB platform and job role building tool, will expedite the process of developing a bespoke competency framework for your organization. Every business has its unique nuances that generalized frameworks can’t possibly address.

We have thousands of skills and job roles to start from to get you going. But, we know that this just primes the pump…our team will work closely to get all your unique skills and roles setup up to accompany those we already have. The end result is a thorough representation of your organization.

How SkillsDB competency services works:

  • SkillsDB includes tools for managers and employees to collaborate and build out job roles unique to your organization
  • Provide us with contact info for your team to help build out job roles
  • Job role definition is simple: we ask what skills and qualifications are necessary for each job and at what level
  • Then, SkillsDB sends a message those people with a link to start begin building profiles
  • SkillsDB allows your team and ours to collaborate in building job roles, including full auditing, change control and commenting
  • Your team has access to the SkillsDB base library, with thousands of skills (and growing all the time)
  • Getting past the job role definitions is the first success marker, and SkillsDB, in conjunction with our onboarding specialists, help that process tremendously
  • Your team then curates and finalizes the competency list, and we go live
  • This is much easier said than done, and that is why we offer services around this process

Tie in with SkillsDB to maximize your organizational talent


Align the organization with its employees to do the best work


Ensure the right people are in the right roles, with measured performance and growth


Offer employee development plans with skills gap analysis and recommended learnings to aid career development


Report organizational team strengths and weaknesses to management with structured regularity


Drive recruiting, hiring and succession planning with deep people data


Manage talent proactively so the team can focus on its critical day-to-day responsibilities


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