Employee Development Plans

SkillsDB is the optimal place to drive IDPs for your team, since they are automatically driven by skills gaps and tied directly to critical learning.

Recommended Learning Plans

SkillsDB drives recommended learning plans for every employee based on their job roles, skills, scores, and certifications. It starts with an employee’s current skillset and/or job role skills scores, then compares that to the existing learning catalog skills and scores. It then creates bespoke recommended learning activities directly tied to employees’ current and needed skillsets for their job, providing a personalized learning pathway for each employee.

Training Tracking

Employees and managers can create customized learning plans and choose learning activity assignments from recommended learning plans or the full course catalog. Or, they can simply create a custom learning assignment and track to completion directly in SkillsDB.

Integrate with Existing LMS

SkillsDB easily integrates with existing LMS platforms via API or basic course import. Skills and skill levels can be attached to each course, so when an employee completes a course, their skill level will be known.


Executives, admins and certain mangers can view company-wide learning plan reports. These show the courses in the system and who is taking which course, as as well as how far along they are, what skills they will gain at completion, and much more. Administrators can drill down to show particular courses, people by department, job title, location, etc.

SkillsDB: A Unique Learning Plan System

After 15+ years of building a critical product for hundreds of companies, we offer a unique learning plan system with critical functionality not found elsewhere. Whether it is importing or creating courses directly, to ensuring all employees get the exact training they need, to finding a trained expert to fill a critical gap, allow for mentoring or succession planning, and more, SkillsDB helps elevate employee success.

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Tie in with SkillsDB to maximize your organizational talent


Align the organization with its employees to do the best work


Ensure the right people are in the right roles, with measured performance and growth


Offer employee development plans with skills gap analysis and recommended learnings to aid career development


Report organizational team strengths and weaknesses to management with structured regularity


Drive recruiting, hiring and succession planning with deep people data


Manage talent proactively so the team can focus on its critical day-to-day responsibilities


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