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Major Features Release for SkillsDB

We are excited to announce our latest feature release - one that is a long-time coming - which includes several improvements designed to make...

Skills Management

Skills & Competencies, Similar but Different

Skills are a good place to start but the real focus has to be on competency development. Although they sound similar, they are very different.

Skills Management

Succession Planning Using SWOT Analysis

Use Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats Analysis in your daily recruitment, retention and succession planning.

Skills Management

Creating a Skills Matrix

A skills matrix can help better utilize current staff today and into the future, while giving better information about recruiting needs.

Managing People

Succession Planning in 8 Easy Steps

Succession planning is an investment in your organization's future. This article will give you a head start into beginning your succession planning...

Skills Management

Skills Competency Frameworks Demystified

A skills competency framework ensures your employees possess the knowledge required to increase their value within the organization.

Skills Management

Competency Management Missteps

We want you to learn from the common mistakes that we’ve seen. Here are five of the most common competency management missteps.

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How Talent Management Software Can Benefit SMB

HR departments and managers of SMBs are finding increased resilience and new opportunities for managing human capital with talent management software.

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How to Handle Change to a New Boss

Changing to a new boss can be especially difficult. This post highlights what you can do if the boss is the problem, and steps you can take to excel...

Feature Updates

Dashboards for Administrators

Learn how you can use our training needs analysis dashboards to understand your company's training needs. It's our new amazing feature.

Skills Management

Developing Your Competency Framework

It is widely known that people are the most important part of most organizations. Read this article on how to go about developing a competency...

Skills Management

8 Tips For Awesome Skills Management

For our blog this week, I’ll be highlighting awesome skills management that can help you successfully implement and use your management system.

Wearable Gadgets Invade Offices

Wearable gadgets are quickly finding their way into offices. Should they be relied on for productivity? Can employers require employees to use them?

Skills Management

Skills Retention – The Baby Boomer Crisis

For the next twenty years, an average of 10,000 people each day will reach age 65. Creating a nightmare for HR professional for skills retention.

Skills Management

Training Needs Analysis - The Why and How

Training needs analysis can be defined as the matching of the businesses' strategic needs, to the skills of its employees.

Skills Management

Skills Audit (3/3): Analyzing Your Audit

In the third installment of this series I will go into the reporting analytics and output you should strive to achieve during a skills audit.

Skills Management

Conducting a Skills Audit

Skills audits aren't hard to implement, but they require forethought & planning. Learn how to conduct a skills audit without preparation in 2/3 of...

Skills Management

Skills Management - Best Practices

Skills management is the difference between an efficient company and a floundering one. Align your employees interests with your companies needs for...

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